"Himalayan smile" is our new travel project. Our mission was to visit various schools in INDIA and NEPAL to show children our travel videos. It's hard to change difficult situation in these Asian countries but to make people smile is easy. This is our goal! We took all the money we had and went for another adventure.

We came back after 10 months and we totally agree: INDIA is incredible! and Nepal? N-ever, E-nding, P-eas, and H-appiness!! We are now preparing travel shows!!


We didn't like the idea of sitting in an office so we decided to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD. We wanted to step out of everyday stereotypes presented by society. Our dream was to travel to faraway countries of Oceania and Latin America. We couldn't do it with only a few weeks of holidays, so we quit our office jobs and travelled to 25 countries in 2 years. We wanted to show that young people don't have to spend the rest of their lives sitting in the office after finishing school! STOP SORE BUTTS!!


China – Taiwan – New Zealand – Samoa – Australia – Indonesia - Malysia - Brunei - Philippines - East Timor - Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Colombia – Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – El Salvador – Guatemala – Belize – Mexico – Cuba


  • We want to escape from daily stereotype
  • We don't want to be sitting all day on office chairs watching the screen
  • We want to show to young people that they don't have to spend the rest of their lives in the office
  • We want to realize our dream to travel to the countries of Oceania and South America
  • We would like to vist our friends from China, Australia, Argentina or Ecuador
  • We would like to get to know new people and new experience in the field of tourism
  • We want to make a movie about the trip around the world and give travel presentations


From our previous travels we knew that the group of right people is one of the most important things. We have already tried to travel together in the USA or Canada. Thus we knew it was going to work again.

We would like to introduce you team members:

Karel Stepanek

Role in the team:
photographer, cameraman, article writer, web designer
Leaving the chair in his job as:
Project manager

Why is he traveling around the world:
„I would like to get inspiration for my travel presentations and to make a movie from the trip around the world. This movie will be an inspiration for young people like me for whom the job isn't on the first place. I want to jump out of the daily stereotype and discover the world. I'm looking forward to mountainous areas in the South America.“

Edita Zenklová

Age: 27
Role in the team:
writer of the articles, diary writer, article writer, web editor
Leaving the chair in her job as:

Flight agent

Why is she traveling around the world:
„After 2 years spent in open office by the computer I'm looking forward to escape this routine and travel the world. I would like to get to know various cultures and I would like be able to compare the way of life in different parts of the world. I'm looking forward to visit the islands of French Polynesia.“

David Pospíchal

Age: 29
Role in the team:
photographer, cameraman, technician
Leaving the chair in his job of:
Quality manager

Why is he traveling around the world:
"I want to travel around the world because I don't want to live stereotype life which doesn't make me happy. I'm sure that one day when I will be old man I will remember this year rather than one of the years spent in my job. I'm also looking forward to meet my friends in Ecuador.“

Kateřina Pospíchalová

Age: 25
Role in the team:
first aid, finance administrator                
Leaving the chair of:
University lectures

Why is she traveling around the world:
„I will leave directly after I finish my master degree so this is really a good timing for me. And why do I want to see the world? Because I believe that traveling opens people's eyes, mind and heart not only in the moment but also in the future. I'm looking forward to meet different cultures."

We financed our travel project from the money we put aside from previously mentioned sitting on the office chairs and primarily from the work in New Zealand. All team members had working permits. Our sponsors supplied us with basic equipement such as tents, sleeping bags, insect repellents, tourist guides, Czech national flags etc.

Thank you all for your support!
We will be more than happy if you follow our adventures.

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