Bikini or ski? Welcome to Dubai!

Instead of everyday rush at work we prepared our backpacks and got on a plane. This is how our trip „Break Free from the Office and Travel the Word“ started. Our first destination before one month trip to China and Taiwan was a short stop in Dubai. We arrived to Dubai at midnight and we slightly postponed the next flight to have one day to visit this modern city of business. This stopover was a great opportunity to visit another place which wasn’t originally in our plan.

Soon we realized that more people had this idea and the airport was very busy all night. All chairs were occupied by sleeping people from all over the world. We found a “calm” spot behind a range of chairs and we jumped to our sleeping bags. Soon we were slowly getting to sleep while listening to loud never-ending voice of airport announcements. After 3 hours of good sleep we got to our way through Dubai airport towards metro and we headed to the world´s tallest building Burj Khalifa. On the way to the building we were passing by a large commercial center Dubai Mall where next to luxury shops you can find as well waterfalls, giant aquarium or even ice-ring. Everywhere we saw the staff on their knees cleaning the center so carefully that it seemed to be possible to eat from it.

We had a booking for the first possible entrance to the symbol of Dubai at 8:30 am. “We are lucky to have this reservation! The entrance is sold out until tomorrow.” At over 828 meters Burj Khalifa holds many records for example the tallest building in the world, the highest occupied floor or the highest outdoor observation desk. Dubai is located in the middle of desert and because of that the visibility is not very good especially in the afternoon. In the morning we were lucky to see a hotel Burj Al arab in the shape of sailing boat and artificial islands representing the world’s countries and continents.

We admired the view of skyscrapers and desert and we got on the metro. On the way we were observing traditional white dresses of local men and their almost completely covered wives. When Karel looked around him in the last part of the metro he found out that he was surrounded only by Arabic women. One of them advised firmly him to leave with an explanation that this section of metro is only for women. So he moved to the other mixed section where he just saw two men kissing to say goodbye. Well, it is clear that the habits are here different than in the Czech Republic and it is necessary to respect them.

We moved to another famous commercial center called Mall of Emirates. “They are skiing!” we cried out and we were running to see it closer. There really was an artificial ski-slope where the locals were having fun on the white snow while outside the temperatures outside were about 40°C. The difference between air-conditioned places and the outside temperature were really high and hard to cope with. Our last stop was to visit the beach next to the hotel Burj Al Arab. This place is not that easily accessible by public transport and so we had to take a taxi. It was the midday and the temperatures were reaching their maximum. The water was warmer than the tea we got in airplane. It was not refreshing at all! All sweating we jumped into anther over-air-conditioned cab and we were heading to the metro and the airport. Fortunately there are free showers at Dubai airport and so we didn’t have to fly covered with salt all the way to Hong Kong.

Next time you can look forward to our first experience from China. We hope we don’t get lost in their crazy signs :-)

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