Hiking in Hong Kong

After our arrival to Hong Kong we were impressed by surrounding green hills that were rising above the city. There is a hill called Victoria Peak which is situated in Hong Kong Island. This peak is very touristic because it is situated in the heart of the city. If you go a bit further from the crowds you will be rewarded by nice path around another close hill. We were quite surprised that after a few minutes of walking there were no people and we could admire beautiful view of the city through bamboo and different kinds of plants. One day in the city center was enough and we were looking forward to explore the nature of other islands because Hong Kong consists of more than 200 islands.

Our first trip was to Lantau Island where you can find the tallest statue of sitting Buddha in the world. It is called Tian Tan Buddha and it is 26 meters high. On our way from the metro we were surrounded by crowds of Asian people. We thought we got rid of them when suddenly we got stuck in another line to the cable car. “Taking a cable car to Buddha?” We were hesitating whether to take it or not. Because our trailhead was supposed to start from Buddha and the way up takes about 4 hours we finally decided to take a ride. At the end we were happy because there was a nicer nature and bigger hills up there.

We went to see the statue of Buddha and tried to escape the crowds of people that were coming. If you step out of the commercial sites, Asian tourists just disappear and you stay almost alone. Our goal was to hike on Lantau Peak. When we got to the trailhead we saw the sign warning us about a danger of Dengue fever. Fortunately instead of mosquitos we only met beautiful big butterflies of many colors. Close to the Lantau Peak we met 2 local hikers from Hong Kong that helped us with signs that were not very clear to us. We reached the top and there was an amazing view of green hills and small islands around us.

Next day we went for a trail across the peaks of Hong Kong Island called Dragon’s Back Trail because it looks like dragon’s spine and it is part of longer Hong Kong Trail. Also here close to all those skyscrapers the nature was beautiful. We saw many butterflies and big spiders on large nets. We stopped on very nice beach in Big Wave Bay where local guys were surfing. We refreshed us in the sea and we continued back to the mountains. When we already thought that we were lost we got back to civilization. Huge block of flats were rising from green nature. After all day hike we found the last station of metro where we successfully ordered noodles from pictures in the menu. We were looking forward to next day.

Our last day in Hong Kong we spent again in calm nature. This time on Lamma Island where you can get without any problems in half an hour by ferry. The island is not very big and so in one day we were able to walk most of the short trails. There were banana trees and bamboo everywhere. We met also few fishing villages and beaches. Edita went to buy a Popsicle which was packed in red cover. Unfortunately red coved didn’t signify strawberry as she thought but it was red bean flavor! Well the habits here are a bit different. After a while of suffer we threw it away. We have to be careful what we buy here because the cultures are really different. The safe option is to buy noodles in 7eleven stores. J There is a microwave and hot water so you can prepare your meal right in the shop. How useful!

If you add Hong Kong to your itinerary make sure to have enough time to explore surrounding nature, beaches and islands. You will get completely different view of this Asian metropolis than from crowded city center. 

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