Hong Kong, the City of Skyscrapers

After extremely short night that we spent in the plane from Dubai they woke us up at 3 a.m. with the breakfast because the landing time in Hong Kong was already at 4:45 a.m. We didn’t sleep too much at the airport in Dubai neither and after all those transfers we didn’t arrive to Hong Kong very fresh. We picked up our baggage and it again surprised us how big and heavy it was. All the stuff for 2 years of traveling including light laptop, camera and some water is already a big bunch of things to carry.

Happily we stepped out of the airport where we saw high green hills rising around us. We bought a ticket from a lady with very poor English. After a while an old bus came and we managed to put all our stuff in. Instead of validating ticket we threw it into some kind of bowl. We were not really sure where to get off the bus and so we went to ask the driver. He gave us instructions to get off right next to Chungking Mansions, where we had a booking of our hostel. Later on we found out that Chungking Mansions is an old scary skyscraper in the center of Hong Kong that is well known for the cheapest accommodation in the city. There are many cheap guest houses, Indian and Pakistani buffets and a lot of weird people offering accommodation, SIM cards and hashish. We took a super-slow overcrowded elevator which brought us to 10th floor to our hostel. Fortunately our hostel was clean. It was just a little bit small. In the room there was a space only for double bed and we hardly fit our baggage next to the bed.

The first thing we had to do was to buy a train ticket to our next destination which is South Chinese Karst. We were warned many times that we have to buy the train tickets in China with some days in advance. There are really many trains in China but there are even more people. We also bought local “smart card” called Octopus card with which you can apart from the tickets also pay in the shops. We went for a walk to the Avenue of Stars which is the main promenade in Hong Kong from where you can see all the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island.

We took a historical tram to famous Victoria Peak. Even though we were prepared for long lines, the line we saw there surprised us. When we got to the top it was already dark but the city view below us was stunning. We have never seen such light pollution, everything was shining like crazy. After a while a group of students asked us for a group photo. We were happy to take picture with them. Then we went for a short walk around a close peak where we had a rest from all the people before we took the tram down.

Later that night we were already tired from all the lines and crowds. We prepared our first Chinese soup in one of the 7Eleven shops. All of these small shops are equipped by microwave and hot water. Thus you can prepare your noodles directly in the shop. After that great dinner we went back to our house of terror :-)

We are looking forward for next days to make trips outside the city to surrounding nature.

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