Fear Factory - the best job ever
Getting paid for scaring people

A part of our plan was to make some money on the way to be able to travel around the world. We decided to apply for working holiday visa in New Zealand and it worked well for us because we found jobs right after our arrival to Queenstown. I got a job in hospitality but I was still looking for something else, something more exciting such as bungee jumping or boat cruising.

Once I was walking through the town when I saw a sign „Hiring actors“. This was at the entrance of local haunted house called Fear Factory. „Hmm... I am kind of actor.“ :-) I talked to myself and walked in. I went up the stairs to the front desk where I met creepy looking English guy with white contact lense in his eye. I asked about the job and the guy said: „Yes, we are now looking for some people. Do you want to walk through?“ I didn’t have much time before work but I agreed to go. The staff explained me the rules and asked me to wait for a bit. The light turned green and I entered the red door. From the first moment I knew it was different than other haunted houses because it was so dark in there! I slowly followed red dots trying not to hit any walls by my head. Soon I realized there were real people inside the maze because someone touched my back!

Before I entered, I thought it was going to be another cheap American style haunted house full of chainsaws but when I walked through I was impressed. I really got scared several times and I had a great fun too. I was quite lucky because when I finished by running from the door I met the owners of that scary family business. They asked me if I enjoyed it and if I wanted to come for an interview. Thus we arranged the time of our meeting for the next day. Fear Factory managers were all very nice and friendly. We had a cup of coffee and they asked me if I didn’t mind staying in the dark or doing a sound of a little girl :-) „Yes, I think I can do it! Earning money for travelling by scaring people! How cool is that??“ They called me later that day to tell me I was hired to their team of scarers! I was very happy because they normally have hundreds of CV’s and it’s hard to get in.

At the same time I was offered a job of Boat Host in Milford Sound. It would be also great to work on the boat surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in New Zealand but how can you refuse a job where you get paid for scaring people? You simply can’t and I am glad I stayed in Queenstown and had so much fun with amazing people from all over the world!

If you are in Queenstown make sure you don’t miss the scariest Haunted House in New Zealand because it really is scary!

Thank you Fear Factory and all people I worked with for making my stay in New Zealand unforgettable!

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Fear Factory Queenstown

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