The 5 funniest hitchhiking experiences

Route: Kupang (West Timor, Indonesia) to Jaco Beach (East Timor)
Total distance (return): 1500 km

#1 Travelling with a cow

We jumped into the truck and found this beautiful looking cow and also very "comfortable" seats on the wood :-) We were still happy because we were waiting quite a long time for a car in the middle of nowhere.

#2 Travelling like a cow

It was really hard to climb into this truck! One old man was trying to get in and accidentally threw a cup of hot instant noodles on Natalia's head :-D At that moment it wasn't funny at all. 3-hour ride in the truck from the mountain town of Maubisse was exhausting and kind of dangerous too. However we didn't care because it was for free and it was the only way to go back to Díli:-)

# 3 Selling food on the way

The last part of the road to Tutuala (the closest village to Jaco Beach) turned to be the most difficult because it was very remoted and it was a Sunday Morning when everyone goes to the church. After an hour of waiting we finally stopped a car that was going there. The problem was they were local food sellers and stopped in every fuc...g house on the way! And so we helped them to sell rice, tuna cans, cookies, coffee, cigarettes and other useful products. We did 30 km in about 4 hours...incredible! Once again there was no other option to go!

# 4 Two steps forward, one step back

One of our worst hitchhiking experience ever! We stopped a water truck that was helping to construct a new road to the mountains. Those guys were spilling the water on the dusty road from both sides. Their style was to drive 1 km forward on the right side and then reverse the car to do the left side. Thus we actually drove the same road three times :-D

#5 Goat surprise!

We stopped another truck with a few people and a scooter on board. There was one more passenger we didn't expect and that was a cute tied goat. It was a bit stressed from travelling but very friendly! You can see that at the end of our 1500 km hitchhiking trip we were quite dirty and tired. Although it wasn't easy we recommend it to everyone who wants to experience real East Timor and save money! Public transport in this country is not very reliable and car rental would cost you about 100 USD per day! We are glad we did that because meet a lot of nice and helpful people!

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